Adopt vs Abort

Abortion is a popular thing taking place in the united states today. About two weeks ago i was reading this article ,called the basics it discusses the basics of an abortion. in the article it said that more then 47 million abortions have taken place since point three of those abortions have came from two thousand and two . i feel thats wrong and doctors really need to look deep down at the bigger picture i mean theres multiple risks here not only are you killing the baby but the mom can be in danger as well. Some people say that it was just an embroil and it was full developed as a baby i see that to be false .






Peoples first questions are,why do women have abortions? I feel in some cases women tend to get abortions, because they were rapped and unsure what to do with the baby . For awhile i felt that  it was okay for an abortion if you were put in that situation. After having a class discussion a class mate opened my eyes and said that it was still wrong and a solution for the problem was to put the baby up for adoption instead of taking his or her life. That made me see the situation from a different point of view and i strongly feel giving the baby up for adoption would be the best because maybe your not finically ready, you can always stay in contact with the child and maybe check on him or her to see how the babies doing.





I do not think abortions should be legal and I definitely do not think teens should be given the option to terminate a life. I first learned about abortions my freshmen year in high school health class, when i heard that an abortion is a termination of a pregnancy which what  I was told was  killing an unborn child. I remember from that day on I felt different about pregnancy, the fact that women actually terminate a pregnancy really bothered me, I could not seem to understand why anyone would want to do something like that. I personally do not think it is fair for an unborn fetus to be aborted especially if the reason is because the mother of the unborn fetus is too young, if the mother feels that she is not ready to have a child she and her partner should have been practicing abstinence and safe sex  including birth control pill, patch, shot, and even implant. There are many different options for preventing a pregnancy, and i think that is something everyone should consider before automatically going for an abortion. Abortions are done before 9 weeks can be done by taking a certain type of medication, abortions that are 9 to 14 weeks would be done surgically, and after 14 weeks they are done by using labor inducing medications that cause contractions also done with surgery.My audience for this topic would typically women and teenage girls, especially those women and teens that are not practicing safe sex, and those women who are considering abortions or those who support abortions, I would also like to reach out to young teens who are not sexually active and share with them the alternatives and the options they have, and the consequences they must face if they do decide to go  with an abortionThe medium that i decided to go with would be a flyer/ pamphlet. I have chosen to go with this type of medium because of the fact that if I was to write a letter to all the places and doctors who perform abortions they would probably not even pay attention to it or may not even read it they probably get  a lot of letters all the time and they do not pay attention to them, besides the doctors do not want to loose out on business or money if they know I am against the abortions they may not even give me any time



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